Insane Nutjobs at WEF Believe Only Their “Truth” Is the Correct Truth | Joe Hoft


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Insane Nutjobs at WEF Believe Only Their “Truth” Is the Correct Truth

You can’t make this stuff up. 

These nutjobs at the World Economic Forum believe that they are the only ones who know the truth and that those who believe something different need to be censored and punished.

In a presentation about “defending truth” nutters at the WEF discussed how they should deal with those who don’t agree with their insane thoughts.

It’s very clear from the content of this session that members of the WEF don’t give a damn about freedom or freedom of speech. In all their brilliance they don’t understand that God gave us freedom of speech and they can’t take it away.  It’s as if they don’t believe in God?

The Daily Caller shared:

Internews President and CEO Jeanne Bourgault outlined a strategy for demonetizing sources of so-called inaccurate content by crafting lists to guide advertisers on where to spend their money during the “Defending Truth” panel. Organizations such as Global Disinformation Index (GDI) and Check My Ads have put this demonetization method into practice, consistently focusing their efforts on diminishing ad revenue for conservative sources.

“Disinformation makes money and we need to follow that money and we need to work with, in particular, the global advertising industry,” Bourgault stated. “A lot of those dollars go to pretty bad content. So you can work really hard on exclusion lists or inclusion lists just to really try to … focus their ad dollars toward the good news and information. The accurate and relevant news and information.”

GDI is a United Kingdom-based nonprofit that has confidential “exclusion lists” it sells to online advertising firms in order to demonetize content, according to the Washington Examiner. The blacklists are private but GDI publicizes its “Disinformation Risk Assessment” that gives conservative news outlets like The New York Post high risk scores and liberal news outlets such as The New York Times low risk scores…

…Echoing a Tuesday panelist at Davos, Bourgault lamented how there are “not enough trust and safety people” at social media platforms. Center for Democracy and Technology CEO Alexandra Reeve Givens also called on Big Tech to increase its online election censorship “investments,” expressing concerns over multiple companies downsizing employees dedicated to content moderation.

These people are sick and demented. 

Fascists always think they are the only ones with the truth and then they start killing those who disagree. 



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