INSANE: Biden and Mayorkas Award Soros-Connected Homeland Executive Who Set Illegals Free in US | Joe Hoft


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INSANE: Biden and Mayorkas Award Soros-Connected Homeland Executive Who Set Illegals Free in US

Biden and Mayorkas gave an award to the man who allowed illegals to roam free across the US. 

You just can’t make this stuff up.

The Biden/Obama Administration has brought in millions to the US.  They ignore immigration laws in doing so.  They set their own limits which are none.

As a result we have estimates of 5 million military aged men who have entered into the country without being vetted.  This will no doubt lead to disaster, if not the total destruction of the United States.  This is what Biden/Obama wanted.

They didn’t do this alone.  They appointed crackpot, liar Mayorkas over the Homeland Security position.  This fanatic liar was born in Cuba.  His actions show that he doesn’t give a damn about the safety of the US.

Mayorkas then brought in another America hater.

CNN reported only days after Biden took over:

The Senate Homeland Security Committee will vote on Mayorkas’ nomination on Tuesday. If he receives approval from the committee and then the Senate, Mayorkas will be flanked with staffers well versed in the abundant policy changes of the last four years.

David Shahoulian, who worked at DHS under the Obama administration, is assistant secretary for border security and immigration. Shahoulian also served as Democratic chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee – one of the key committees that obtained documents from the Trump administration about the controversial “zero tolerance” policy that resulted in the separation of thousands of migrant families.

He’s joined by Adam Hunter, who serves as deputy assistant secretary on immigration for DHS. Hunter comes from the Refugee Council USA, a coalition of 29 nongovernmental agencies focused on refugee protection. Biden has committed to raising the ceiling for how many refugees can come to the US after years of historic lows.

Angela Kelley, who has an extensive background in immigration policy, is joining as senior counselor on immigration.

The lefties made up outrage about President Trump’s policies to protect the border saying he was hard on minors.  What they never shared then or now is how minors are being trafficked by the US government and under Biden at least 85,000 minors have gone missing.

The one behind the release of all illegals into this country was Adam Hunter.  The destruction of this country that he is accountable for is insurmountable.  What happens when these men of military age begin killing Americans here in the US?  Where will Hunter be?

For his actions, Adam Hunter is being rewarded by the Biden/Obama gang.

The Biden administration gave an award to an official who previously worked for a George Soros-backed organization that advocated for ending the process of detaining asylum seekers.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday honored Adam Hunter, the agency’s Deputy Assistant Secretary, Border and Immigration, who previously served as the executive director of Refugee Council USA. The organization urged the Biden transition team to “end the detention of asylum seekers,” according to a report for the Biden administration transition team. Illegal immigrants are routinely detained by immigration officials as they await court proceedings.

This guy is ugly inside and out.

Adam Hunter Soros Connected


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