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Innocent Jan 6er Julio Baquero III Has Died

Jan 6 victim Julio Baquero III has died. 

Julio Baquero III, a victim of the government’s Jan 6 setup, has died.  He leaves behind his wife and three children.

In April 2024, after being locked up since August 2023, J6er Julio Baquero found out that he had Stage 4 cancer and, fortunately, was granted compassionate release to go home and begin treatment.

Julio was serving an 18-month sentence for exercising his 1st Amendment Right and walking through the US Capitol with doors held open by US Capitol Police. He was non-violent and did no damage while he was in or around the building.

Unfortunately, on Father’s Day, June 16th, Julio succumbed to cancer. Julio came out of the gulags incredibly weak and wasn’t able to begin treatment immediately.

He spent much of the remaining time he had going in and out of the hospital. He leaves behind his high-school sweetheart, with whom he had three children aged 10, 11, and 20.

Julio’s family was tasked with an incredible burden while he was held captive during political retribution, like his mother had taught him about in her home country of Venezuela.

His high-school sweetheart had to run a household of three children with mounting legal and medical bills while also ensuring Julio had proper commissary access.

Lou Dobbs reported on Julio:

Just last month, April 2024, Julio Baquero was nearing the tail end of his 18-month Prison sentence for disorderly conduct on January 6th when he found out he was diagnosed with Stage 4 gastric cancer.

While he awaited the judge to grant an emergency motion to release him home, his high school sweetheart and the 3 loving children they share together (ages 10, 11, and 20) waited in suspense to see how the judge would rule to compassionately release him.

Back before Julio was born, his parents fled the grips of Socialism from Venezuela and came to America, where they gave birth to him in Los Angeles, CA. When he was just 6 years old, his father walked out on his mother, leaving her with 3 children on her own to work multiple jobs and sometimes living in the car and attending food banks at local churches, but always put God and her kids first.

She taught them how great America was and about the dangers of Socialism. Julio grew up very proud to be an American. Loving the flag and country music.

**Please help Julio and his family here.**

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