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In the Days Ahead “Always Trust Your Gut” – Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson

Trust your gut! Tucker Carlson says. 

Tucker Carlson, warned this week that the 2024 election cycle will be “like nothing we’ve ever seen.”  Carlson shared his comments at the “Risk On 360! Global Success Conference in Las Vegas on November 19.

Steve Bannon warned us in 2019 that the 2020 Election was going to be wild.  We had no idea how wild it would be.

Now Tucker Carlson is doing the same.  He also shared:

The majority of Americans are “angry and paranoid,” said Carlson. Anything can happen.

Recounting his flight to the conference, Carlson said: “I flew out here across the country this morning and spent five hours texting people … and I gotta tell you, every single person I texted, with the exception of my wife — who is not on the internet at all — was angry and paranoid.”

“Seriously,” Tucker said with a smile, “these are not crazy people. These are normal, good people with like kids … with a vested interest in American’s success. These are not the burn-it-down caucus. These are the, you know, these are the people you want voting.”

A great example of trusting you gut was looking at the 2020 Election and the rallies before hand.  As I note in my book, “The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage” President Trump had 1.1 million Americans at his rallies to Joe Biden’s less than 2,000.

In Volume II of The Steal I list all the reasons why the election result made no sense.

In Volume III I discuss the cover-up.  Over a million people showed up on Jan 6 to protest the stolen election.  Only two weeks later, Joe Biden only received at most 2,000 people at his inauguration.  The worst showing in the modern era.

Trust your senses.


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