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In August, September and October Trump Outpaced Clinton by More Than 650,000 with 12 Times Her Participation at Rallies


It’s now been 3 full months since the conventions ended in July. During this three month period Donald Trump has significantly outpaced Hillary Clinton in events and attendance at these events.

Since August 1st when both parties’ conventions concluded and through the end of September, Trump has accumulated more than 710,000 people at his events with thousands turned away due to space limitations. He has set records for some of these locations in attendance. However, Hillary had only 60,000 at her rallies during the same time period.


To put this in perspective, Trump outpaces Hillary by more than 650,000 people with over 12 times the crowds she has accumulated.

Trump set the record for the most votes in US Republican history in the primaries and he continues with this momentum since the conventions. Hillary on the other hand barely won her nomination, needing super delegates to beat socialist Bernie Sanders. She very well may be the most unattractive and corrupt candidate in US Presidential history and this shows in the participation at her events since the Democratic convention.


Note that this estimate is based on only campaign events scheduled by the candidates. Total attendance is based on best estimates. These numbers do not include fundraisers, debates or TV events. This is only a best estimate for attendance at these rallies. Note that the individuals turned away or in overflow rooms at Trump events are not counted. At many of these locations Trump set attendance records for the venues the events were held in.


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