“I’m Not Here to Hear What [President Trump] Has to Say” – Corrupt Judge Engoron as President Trump’s Blasts the Lunatic in Court Today | Joe Hoft


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“I’m Not Here to Hear What [President Trump] Has to Say” – Corrupt Judge Engoron as President Trump’s Blasts the Lunatic in Court Today

Judge Engoron Smirk

The US has become a third world sh**hole under Biden. 

The judge in the kangaroo court in the sham case against President Trump in New York showed what he really was going to do in today’s court proceeding.  Crazy and creepy Judge Engoron said:

“I’m not here to hear what [President Trump] has to say.”

“I will excuse [President Trump] and draw every negative inference that I can.”

Daily Mail reported on the trial today in New York:

Donald Trump delivered another series of blistering attacks on New York Attorney General Letitia James and the judge in his combative fraud trial testimony on Monday…

…The former president became animated and audibly frustrated as he attacked James and the judge during confrontations about the property values and net worth he is accused of inflating by billions.

The frontrunner in the Republican presidential race also pointed at Justice Arthur Engoron and berated him for calling him a ‘fraud’, even though he ‘didn’t know anything about me’.

‘He said I’m a fraud because I didn’t value my property correctly,’ Trump continued. ‘He’s the one who didn’t rule my property correctly.’

Trump also claimed the true fraud was ‘on behalf of the court’ and insisted he is worth ‘billions of dollars more’ than outlined in financial statements which he is accused of faking to inflate his net worth by as much as $6.3billion.

The confrontation dominated the second part of his testimony where Trump discussed the value of Mar-a-Lago and again tore into the people who had brought the case against him.

After the BS trial today, President Trump bashed the kangaroo court in New York – This is election interference:

Rudi Guiliani shared that the trial is a “non-fraud phony case”:

The judge in President Trump’s non-fraud phony case in New York City is trying to gag him, even inside the courtroom. He’s cutting off his answers.

This is not a jury trial, and a fair judge would give a person a chance to explain himself before announcing the foregone conclusion, and take away all of his property.

NYC is a one party corrupt Democrat city and judges are there only because of the Democrat county bosses.

NYC is a signature Democrat corrupt city, forever.

Remember—even the great Abraham Lincoln LOST New York City.

Utterly gross Laticia James shared racist remarks before today’s trial showing that she doesn’t give a damn about justice:

President Trump’s attorney Alina Habba went off on the corrupt New York court system.

Today’s trial was a disgrace for the entire judicial system.  If the Supreme Court had any integrity they would step in and charge the participants and throw the case in the dumpster. 

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