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Ignorant Fani Willis Did the Same Thing That She Claims President Trump Did But in His Case It Is a Crime


Georgia Fulton Country DA Fani Willis did the same thing she claims President Trump did that she says is a crime. 

This is lawfare at its finest.  The beginning of communism.

Communists push lies and split people against people.  They then steal elections and then the incarcerate those who they stole the elections from by projecting their corrupt actions onto their political enemies.

Today’s communists hate America.

Fani Willis is following directions.  She’s indicted President Trump on BS claims related to actions she did herself after the 2020 Election.

Benny Johnson shared on Twitter the following thread.

Johnson points out Willis’s rageful bias against President Trump.

Willis protested the 2020 Election herself – the “crime” she is charging Trump with.

What a mess Willis is.

Always remember the Democrats are fine with this. 


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