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“If You Don’t Agree with the Jan 6 Committee, You’re Basically a Liar” – Jack Smith’s Case Against Trump in a Nutshell

(Look at that bunch of creeps and liars.  You would have to be insane to trust a word any one of them mumble out of their mouths.)

Corrupt Biden family hitman, Jack Smith’s case against President Trump comes down to this – “If you don’t agree with the Jan 6 Committee, you’re basically a liar. 

Darren Beattie at Revolver News shared some exceptionally simple and deep thoughts on the War Room yesterday.  His point ends with what may be the darkest and most ridiculous part of the Biden DOJ’s latest Trump indictment.

Beattie shared during an interview on Wednesday (below) at Steve Bannon’s War Room some important notes about corrupt Jack Smith’s indictment of President Trump in Washington, D.C.

They’re saying lying and saying something that the regime doesn’t like is now an offense, and they can bankrupt you for it or they can throw you in prison, and they are going to judge whether or not you lied on the basis of whether or not you trust the authoritative voices the regime has approved.

If you don’t agree with the Jan 6 Committee, you’re basically a liar.

If you don’t agree with the utterly discredited CISA, or the jokes at the senior position at the DOJ, or the ridiculous individual known as Mike Pence, you’re lying.

That’s what it’s come to.

Beattie discusses the case of a poor guy who was convicted of a felony for tweeting out something that mocked Hillary Clinton.  This was used as a precursor to use against President Trump.

BREAKING: Pro-Trump Meme Maker Douglass Mackey, a.k.a. ‘Ricky Vaughn,’ Found GUILTY of Trolling Hillary Clinton During 2016 Election – Faces 10 Years in Prison

This is the same BS anti-free speech logic the radical left is now using against President Trump and MAGA.

See video below:

The Biden family gang is corrupt, unimpressive, dumb and villains just like any unimpressive leaders of any banana republic. 

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