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“If They Are Capable of Murder It’s Going to Happen” – Rudy Giuliani on Deep State Attacks on President Trump

Rudy Giuliani on War Room

Rudy Giuliani shared with Steve Bannon on the War Room the day after his arrest on BS charges in Fulton County.

Giuliani shares that the case reads like a vindication for his right to speech.  He says the corrupt Biden regime is pushing these BS crimes from the Soros-backed Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

These are crimes against his and other’s constitutional rights.

This case is worse than the other cases.

Rudy would like to move the case to the Federal Courts where it belongs and then have it dismissed.  It is total BS.

When Bannon asked Rudy about the possibility that the Biden gang and the Deep State assassinating President Trump, Rudy shared that he was with President Reagan at breakfast the day that he was shot.  Rudy helped change procedures to better protect presidents going forward.

About assassinating President Trump, Rudy shares:

But they’re at the point where if I were them, I don’t think, I mean if they are capable of murder, it’s going to happen, because there’s nothing else.  They’re not going to get him with these phony prosecutions anymore…He’ll start to win over fair minded people who don’t like him.

Watch the entire interview below:

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