Caitlin Clark for MVP? Leads WNBA in Total Points Off Scoring and Assists – But Not on Olympic Team? | Joe Hoft


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Caitlin Clark for MVP? Leads WNBA in Total Points Off Scoring and Assists – But Not on Olympic Team?

Caitlin Clark may end up WNBA MVP if she keeps going like she’s going.  Then again, if the WNBA really wanted to promote women’s basketball, they would have put Clark on the Olympic team. 

The women selecting the Olympic team damaged women’s basketball and made a horrible mistake when they neglected to add Caitlin Clark to the team.

BIG MISTAKE, HUGE: WNBA Envy Keeping Caitlin Clark Out of the Olympics Damaged Basketball

This is turning out to be a BIG, HUGE mistake. 

Caitlin Clark is currently leading the WNBA total points off of scoring and assists.  Similar to the NFL’s all-purpose yards measurement, Clark now has to be discussed as a candidate for MVP and Rookie of the Year (ROY).

Clark yesterday became the first rookie in WNBA history to have a triple double (10 or more points, rebounds and assists in the same game).  She also is the fastest player in WNBA history to reach 350+ points and 150+ assists in a season.

Clark continues breaking records after breaking numerous records in college at Iowa where she was named the best player in college two years in a row.  Clark is a basketball record-breaking machine.

Clark received more votes than any woman in WNBA history for the All-Star game, achieving more than 700,000 votes.  Last year’s winner had 90,000 votes.  Clark sells out arenas wherever she goes.  The league that never made a profit in nearly 30 years is also adding viewership records whenever Clark is on TV.  She is a phenom and revenues are increasing.

Unfortunately, the women in the WNBA appear to be jealous. One icon in women’s basketball is Diana Taurasi.  When Clark was breaking every record imaginable in the NCAA while at Iowa, Taurasi claimed that Clark would face reality when she plays against “grown women” and not 18-year-olds in the WNBA.

Taurasi apparently thinks she is much better than Clark.  She appears jealous of Clark.  Maybe because Clark ended up receiving more votes than anyone in All-star voting crushing last year’s winner’s total.

Taurasi was very cocky before a recent game with Caitlin Clark which was played in Arizona before a record crowd recently.  (All of Clark’s games receive record setting crowds.)

In the game, Clark nearly had the first triple double for a rookie in WNBA history until her coach took her out at the end of the game and prevented Clark from making history. (Clark became the first rookie to earn a triple double a few games later.)

Still Clark was gracious after the game to Taurasi and the rest of the Phoenix team that included three Olympians.

Clark should be in the discussion for MVP.  If Taurasi, or any woman on the Olympic team wanted to really promote women’s basketball, they would remove themselves from the Olympic team in favor of Caitlin Clark. 


5 thoughts on “Caitlin Clark for MVP? Leads WNBA in Total Points Off Scoring and Assists – But Not on Olympic Team?”

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  3. The headline of this article could be changed to “Area Man Passionate Defender of an Athlete Who Plays a Sport He Refuses to Watch”, and you could post it on The Onion.

      • Joe Hoft is wrong about the subject. The Olympic team was chosen three weeks ago, before Clark had her triple double, the Fever were struggling, and she hadn’t put up the stats she has recently. I love watching Clark play (do you watch the WNBA at all?), and though she is an exciting young rookie, she’s not at the level of play of someone like A’Ja Wilson, Chelsea Gray, Phee Collier, Kelsey Plum, Jewell Lloyd, Breanna Stewart, Sabrina, BG, Diana… you know, the women who are on the team.


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