“If Ronna Can Vacate My Seat, Your State Is Next” – Michigan GOP Head Kristina Karamo | Joe Hoft


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“If Ronna Can Vacate My Seat, Your State Is Next” – Michigan GOP Head Kristina Karamo

Indications are that the National RNC Head Ronna Romney McDaniel is behind the attempted coup of Michigan GOP Head Kristina Karamo.  

This past few months the efforts to remove Kristina Karamo as Head of the Michigan GOP have ramped up.  As discussed on Monday night, there are indications that this intensity to remove Karamo from her position is being led by Ronna Romney McDaniel.

It turns out that the real reason Kristina Karamo is being attacked is because she was getting very close to uncovering potential fraud related to the former Michigan GOP Head, Ronna Romney McDaniel and she doesn’t want this getting out. 

Once Karamo took over the Michigan GOP she had a hard time getting the numbers for the Michigan GOP’s account balances.  The related reports were not provided immediately and when they were provided, it appeared that the party was around $600,000 in debt with a $3 million LOC.   In addition the bank was reluctant to provide details on the party’s bank accounts.

This eventually led to a court battle filed in early December 2023.  The suit revolves around a property that the Michigan Republican Party, run by Karamo claimed was the Party’s property.  However, another group, The Michigan Party Trust has made claims that they own the property and yet this organization is not recognized as a political party or state central committee.

This is all explained in the article embedded below:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel

Today Kristina Karamo was on the Steve Bannon Show and she explained the current situation in the state.  Karamo is still the legal Head of the Michigan GOP.

Karamo warns at the end of the segment, ” If Ronna can vacate my seat, your state is next”.

Time needs time. Let’s see what we got. 

8 thoughts on ““If Ronna Can Vacate My Seat, Your State Is Next” – Michigan GOP Head Kristina Karamo”

  1. The biggest threat to the conservative grassroots is NOT the Dems but the RINO. RINOs trying to remove conservatives. We need to move forward as there have been some major wins. Remember all this is ultimately for the safety of our children.

  2. The GOP has to go. We, those disparate voters — registered Republicans, constitutional conservatives, sensible conservative independents and a few JFK, Jr. Democrats — need to form a new party along the lines of that laid out at founderspartyofamerica dot org.

    The very structure of the GOP and the way it operates in the states defeats us from the start. We need a party which does three things: prints a clear statement of what it stands for; prints and updates a detailed list of the legislative and policy goals it intends to pass if given the power; the guarantee that every candidate which it supports for office has pledged to support that agenda — and that should one fail to do so, will summarily lose party support of any kind.

    • I believe that the RNC (aka Ronna) CLAIMS that Karamo wasn’t ‘elected’ according to established MIGOP / RNC voting rules. Apparently, according to Karamo and the MIGOP, the vote to elect Karamo was done according to voting specs…so Karomo is the duly-elected MIGOP Chair. However, RNC (Ronna) wants to impose the Ambassador as Chair instead.

      The REASON for this fight is, apparently, that the former MIGOP Chair, Ronna (aka RNC) likely bilked funds and left the books in a disaster and the MIGOP heavily in debt. Karamo is investigating the details and a lawsuit was struck against questionable ‘practices’ of Ronna and this mystery “Trust” group, both named in the suit.

    • Sorry…forgot the punchline. IF Ronna (RNC) is ‘successful’ in deposing Karamo and imposing the Ambassador, then that’ll mean that should ANY OTHER State Party Chair not meet the mark of Ronna (RNC), then the RNC (Ronna) will swoop down, claim an illigitimate election, impose ‘their own guy’, and swoop on out. Just like they’ve always done…don’t ya know.

  3. We knew Rhonna was a crooked dealer.

    She used Trump to solicit funds and then turned around and used that funding to fight Trump.

    She needs to be removed.


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