If “Dr.” Christine Ford’s Suppressed Memories Were from Hypnosis They’d Be Thrown Out of Court in Maryland!

“Dr.” Ford is not turning over her therapist’s notes to the Senate regarding her suppressed memories about Judge Kavanaugh abusing her decades earlier. This may be because if they were obtained through hypnosis then they would be “absolutely inadmissible” in the court of law in many states, including New York and Maryland.

Judge Janine had a specialist in District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick on her show last night regarding suppressed memories and what is considered solid evidence in the court of law. Memories obtained through hypnosis are “absolutely inadmissible” in the court of law in Maryland and many other states –

On top of this, the most unreliable forms of evidence are confessions and eye witness recollections –

Still, some people thought “Dr.” Ford was under a hypnotic trance during her Senate Testimony –

“Dr.” Ford’s testimony is quickly being debunked and the only evidence regarding the supposed incident with Judge Kavanaugh is from the memories which were possibly obtained through hypnosis which would be thrown out in a court of law. This has now become just another dishonest Democrat Witch Hunt!