IDIOTIC CORRUPTION: After Destroying Minnesota Politicians Want to Send Millions to Somalia Due to Climate Change | Joe Hoft


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IDIOTIC CORRUPTION: After Destroying Minnesota Politicians Want to Send Millions to Somalia Due to Climate Change

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These people are corrupt and dumb. 

This sounds like the most dishonest and crazy idea that any Minnesota politician has ever conjured up.

The state of Minnesota is being destroyed.  Monster communists have taken over the state, and like California, they have locked in their power for decades as they destroy the once great state.

One insane idea from a Somalian politician is to send millions to his mother-land due to climate change.  No doubt he will determine where the money goes.  It looks like the radical lefties in the state are going along with it due to their shame of themselves and their white privilege.

On Monday, Minnesota Rep. Samakab Hussein, D-St. Paul, organized a press conference at Minnesota’s State Capitol to call for “immediate, unrestricted humanitarian aid” to Somalia.

At the press conference, Rep. Hussein was joined by other public officials, Somali doctors, and a Muslim imam to speak about the floods and torrential rain that have battered East Africa. In a statement, Hussein said, “As Minnesotans, we understand the power of collective action and the responsibility we have for our neighbors, both near and far. We cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Somalia.”

Despite the assertion that the two are “neighbors,” Minnesota and Somalia are located in separate hemispheres, different continents, and remain over 8,000 miles apart.

In a shared statement with Rep. Hussein, Mohamed Abdirizak, a member of the UN Center for Emergency Response Fund, said, “The Somali people need our unified support more than ever. Together, we can make a significant difference in addressing this crisis and building a more resilient future for Somalia.”

Abdirizak, a self-described Somali-American, served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somalia as recently as 2021 and briefly ran for president of Somalia in 2022.

Minnesota House Majority Leader Jamie Long, D-Minneapolis, spoke at the press conference, saying, “When events happen in East Africa, we know that affects our immediate community.”

More Somalis live in Minnesota than any other place in America. In total, over 86,000 Somalis live in the state.

The good people of Minnesota need to stand up and fight for free and fair elections.  See how many of these knuckleheads make it into office then. 

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