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IDF Totally Obliterates Hamas Arms Dealer Instantly

The world is a safer place.  

The Israeli military assassinated the Hamas official in charge of supplying the terrorist group with weapons, the country’s military officials announced.

An Israeli fighter jet in the southern Gaza city of Rafah conducted an air strike Friday killing Hassan Atrash, who was responsible for supplying and producing weapons for Hamas’ military arm, the Israel Defense Forces said Saturday.

Atrash also was involved with smuggling weapons from various countries into the Gaza Strip, as well as the West Bank, according to Israeli officials.

The IDF on Saturday shared video of the strike, which showed a car cruising past pedestrians on a street as a cross-hair outlined the vehicle. Suddenly, a bright light blankets the screen, with smoke rising from the street afterward.

A video was released from the IDF on Friday showing its total obliteration of a Hamas weapons smuggler.

The video is below:

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