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ICYMI: Truths By President Donald J. Trump Regarding Judge Engoron


President Trump shared his thoughts on the totally corrupt Democrat “Judge” Arthur Engoron and his rage against President Trump. 

Judge Engoron is basically out of his mind and totally unconstitutional and corrupt.

President Trump shared on Truth Social.

As usual, completely biased Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron, without the benefit of a Jury, denied our Motion to have this political SHAM of a case dismissed. Engoron doesn’t discuss HIS Valuation of Mar-a-Lago at $18 Million, when it is worth at least 50 to 100 times that amount, but does discuss insignificant items that, when added up, are irrelevant and a very minimal part of my Financial Statements. The Banks stated that we were an ideal Customer, a premier Client, more than qualified for the Loans, which were not even needed, and that my Financial Statements were some of the best they’d ever seen. Likewise, there was no money lost by the Banks, and the obviously corrupt, power-crazed NY Attorney General’s “Star” and only Witness admitted on the stand that he lied, totally destroying the Attorney General’s “case.” Likewise, there was no money lost by the Insurance Companies, there was no money lost by anyone, there was no victim, in fact, these were all wonderful Transactions…

And there is more:

…as stated by the relevant Institutions. Judge Engoron challenges the highly respected Expert Witness for receiving fees, which is standard and accepted practice for Expert Witnesses. The ignorant Judge did not even try to listen to the Expert Witness. This is a great insult to a man of impeccable character and qualifications. The Judge ignores the Law! The Judge also dismisses the fact that there was a full and Complete Disclaimer Clause, which tells the users of the Financial Statements to do their own due diligence and analysis, something they openly and knowingly did and admitted to. This is a Rigged Lawsuit by a Corrupt Attorney General and a Judge and System who would not allow it to go to the Commercial Division or in front of a Jury.  There was no lie except for the Judge’s Fake Valuation of my properties, such as Mar-a-Lago, which was valued at $18 Million, in order to try and make a case which doesn’t exist. This corrupt Witch Hunt has to be stopped!

The Biden gang is so corrupt they grab insane judges, prosecutors and judges out of the cellar to attack President Trump on totally BS charges and cases. 

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