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“I Feel Like I am Defending the Rights of All Americans” – Rudy Giuliani After BS Arrest in Corrupt Georgia Court

Rudy Giuliani shared his thoughts on the Biden regime after his arrest yesterday on BS charges in Atlanta. 

Rudy shared:

I feel really good about it because I feel like I am defending the rights of all Americans.

See the video below:

Rudy was recently on the Joe Hoft Show at He knows Joe Biden and has known Biden for years.  Biden is an idiot and very corrupt.  This is what corrupt gangsters do.

Rudy shared that he could guarantee you there is an overwhelming racketeering case against the Bidens.

Within one week you could prosecute the Bidens for racketeering, the President Biden and you could take away the $31 million he got from China.  You could take it away from them.  If they want to I could come in and write the indictment for them.  I have it. I started the RICO prosecutions.  Not these idiots… I guarantee you there is an overwhelming racketeering case against the Bidens. 

…Right now, our criminal justice system looks like it should be in Venezuela.

What really bothers me is that there’s no one in the Democrat Party that will stand up to Biden, Giuliani says.  Right now, about one quarter of the criminality has been reported of the Biden’s crimes.  On Joe Biden, Rudy shared the following:

He began as a trailer trash grifter… He’s also been lying all his life.

Here is the audio from that interview.

“He Began as a Trailer Trash Grifter… Been Lying All His Life” – Rudy Giuliani on Joe Biden

Liberal lunatic lies are so easy to see. 

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