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Hunter Business Partner Nukes the Biden Family Lies

Hunter’s business partner, Devon Archer, nuked the Biden family lies today in the US House. 

The Bidens are corrupt and now their business partners are corroborating their many crimes.

We know that Devon Archer destoyed the Biden legacy today because of the responses from the left and the right to the closed door session.

Corrupt lefties are pretending that Joe and Hunter did nothing wrong.  They are even saying the Joe is too senile to know what is going on. Rep. Goldman who thinks he is smart is really an idiot when he says Joe Biden is too senile to know what is going on.

However conservatives are pointing out what Joe already shared – on video – in front of a large crowd of corrupt Democrats.

Biden lied over and over after telling us what he did.  This family is run like a mafia family.

Rep. Donalds says it all.  They were selling influence.

The Democrat Pary is led by communist gangsters.

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