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Hunter Biden Claims He Just Can’t Afford Child Support to Stripper with His

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Hunter Biden’s lawyers painted him as financially strapped in his first appearance in an Arkansas court on Monday, as he sought to get his child support payments to his former mistress and their four-year-old daughter reduced.

Hunter Biden, who’s made tens of millions off of foreign entities while his dad was Obama’s Vice President claims that he doesn’t have the money to pay his child support.  Hunter now claims he has no salary and was forced to sleep on a cot in his father’s room during a recent trip to Dublin.

(It may also be that Hunter was there to take care of his father who would easily be lost in a foreign bedroom in a foreign land.)

He has also stooped to taking financial support from a generous friend, Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, the court heard on Monday..

…Lowell said Biden is paying Lunden Alexis Roberts $20,000 per month in child support under an agreement they reached in 2020, shortly after President Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign. Lowell said Biden has paid Roberts at least $750,000 over the past few years.

Biden claims his only income is:

“a percentage of his art sales from a New York gallery and that Biden is unable to provide a list of who has bought his paintings and how much they are worth. Lowell said Biden doesn’t know the names of any of the buyers under an agreement with the gallery, which is intended to avoid political influence-peddling.

The Biden family doesn’t claim the little girl as their own.  As recent as last week, Joe Biden said he only had six grandchildren, neglecting to count the four-year-old little girl in Arkansas.

Hunter was outed by a computer repairman in 2019 who had a copy of his laptop.  Hunter never came back to claim the laptop that was left with John Paul Mac Isaac.  On this laptop were videos, photos, text messages and documents that laid out a lifetime of sex, drugs and massive corruption while his father was Vice President.

God only knows how much Hunter has embezzled since his father stole the Presidency.

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