HUGE: Will the Statehood of New California Save the 2024 Election? | Joe Hoft


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HUGE: Will the Statehood of New California Save the 2024 Election?

New California is in the process of becoming America’s 51st state.  This act could save the 2024 Election. 

New California was an idea that became reality in around 2016.  Since that time the elections in California have included ballot harvesting and all mail-in ballots and the results always go to the Democrats and yet many in the state believe the state is red.

Tyranny is now common place.  The border is open to the south.  The cities provide for illegal aliens.  The crime has skyrocketed as Soros backed DA’s indict the police and let criminals go free.

Americans who disagree or who live in the more rural areas of the state have no voice.  They are silenced.

COVID mandates came and went and the 2020 Election was stolen.  The New California model was well ahead of its time.

The New California movement is on track to become the 51st state.  The foundation is in place to move forward.  The individuals involved have created a constitution and a legislature.  They have sent representatives to Washington DC.

This past weekend the group held its 12th Constitutional convention, this one in Irvine, California.  Business matters were addressed and speakers Joe Hoft and Tony Roman ended the Saturday session.

More to come but just think about how a new state carved from the current state of California, using the West Virginia model from during the Civil War.  The constitution provides for this to happen.  It’s Constitutional.  The work has been done.  

More to come. 

Listen to Joe Hoft’s talk at New California event on September 30, 2023.  This may be his best presentation to date.

If you would like to help New California become a state please donate your time or money and sign up at their website here

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