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HUGE EXCLUSIVE: St. Charles County, Missouri Election Director Admits to Cutting Wires in Voting Machines Before 2022 Election!

St. Charles County, Missouri, Director of Election Authority, Kurt Bahr admitted in a meeting with election experts that he cut the wires in all the election machines in the large St. Charles County outside of St. Louis before the 2022 election.

Kurt Bahr was in the news previously.  In May of 2022, he was spotted playing games on his iPhone during a county board meeting while the subject matter of the discussion involved him.  This was a bad decision on his part as he was outed during the meeting.

“Never Once Did I Sit in Front of One of Those Meetings and Play Candy Crush on my Phone” – TGP’s Joe Hoft Unloads on Elections Director for Playing Phone Games During County Board Meeting

This most recent shocking revelation took place before the 2022 election per Bahr in a meeting in March 2023.  See the video in the Truth below where St. Charles County Director of Election Authority Kurt Bahr admits to cutting the wires in the voting machines in the county.

Election machine expert Clay Parakh shared the memo below with St. Charles Councilman Joe Brazil in regard to Bahr’s statements.  Here is a piece of what he shared.

My concern is based on the actions they performed to ensure that the voting systems could not connect to the internet. Concerning the ballot tabulators, I believe they stated “We put a device in that and broke it” referring to the RJ45 jack. “as well as opened the machine. And we physically cut the wires going from the motherboard to the jack. So, they have physically been damaged.” These statements are very concerning. The standard term to describe these actions would be “Illegal Maintenance”. In normal IT Operations, you would have what are known as Engineering Review Boards (ERB) and Configuration Change Boards (CCB) that would review and approve these types of changes. Whether or not those happened is irrelevant to the county’s electronic voting systems.

I know this sounds serious. I don’t make this statement lightly. I am basing this off my 20 years cyber experience, as well as my 9 years of performing security tests on electronic voting systems for the Voting System Test Labs (VSTL). The reason normal IT practices are irrelevant is because electronic voting systems have separate certification processes. They are either State or Federally certified. The physical alterations to the system would require recertification as well as operational tests to ensure functionality has not been hampered.

Below is Clay Parikh’s entire letter regarding the comments made by Bahr in front of Parikh and others.

Clay Pariek on St Charles County by Jim Hoft on Scribd

According to Councilman Joe Brazil, he met with St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann and St. Charles County Director of Administration Joanne Leykum 15 days ago.  They didn’t act.  Next, he met with prosecutor Joe McCullough, Police Chief Kurt Fritz, and Sheriff Scott Lewis, and they suggested Joe talk to the Secretary of State of Missouri, Jay Ashcroft.

Ashcroft went to Joe’s house to discuss this issue/crime and agreed it was not good.  Ashcroft said that he will get back with Brazil but to date, has not.

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