How Many Military Age Men Does It Take to Put In Place a Modern Day Trojan Horse in the United States?

Why would a country bring in millions of military age men into the country and not vet them?

The Obama-Biden communist regime that is hell-bent on the total destruction of the United States is on.  Obama promised change and this is absolutely what he wanted.

To Obama, Christian hard-working men and women in the Midwest are the enemy and terrorists.  Christians who stand for life are the enemy.  Conservatives who vote to make the US great again after more than a decade of the Obama-Biden regime are the enemy.

This is madness.

The following tweet says it all:

Please believe me when I say we are IN TROUBLE…

A week prior to the end of Title 42, a report has surfaced showing that FEMA & DHS are allocating 332,500,000 of YOUR TAX PAYER $$$ for the betterment of the ILLEGAL migrants that are about to flood in by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.

Biden has instructed 1500 Troops to go facilitate the process at the border, making it EAISER & FASTER for them to come in…

The Military under Biden is sadly HELPING to aid the DESTRUCTION of our country. NOT SAVE US.


The 1,500 soldiers being sent to the border are there to help sign in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

This is madness.

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