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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Given the OK to Start Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden

This took way too long.  While the Biden regime is destroying the country and indicting their political enemies like President Trump, the GOP has been waiting to impeach this communist regime. 

Finally, today Speaker McCarthy must have been given permission to impeach Biden.  Like the corrupt and communist Biden Administration which is being led by someone other than Biden, the GOP in the House is also being led by someone other than McCarthy. 

The Bidens and most of the leaders in the DOJ and FBI should be in prison for their coup efforts of the Trump Administration culminating in their stolen election.  But the DOJ is led by Biden criminals so this will never happen.

We have long known that to remove Biden, the GOP would have to do it.  The corrupt Democrats will keep him in office until he is dead.

There are too many crimes to mention to indict the Bidens but the DOJ will do nothing.

The Daily Caller reports:

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced Tuesday that the Republican Party will move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and other House Republicans have continued to pressure McCarthy to move forward with an impeachment inquiry.

McCarthy said he now believes there is enough evidence stemming from the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee to move forward with an impeachment inquiry into the president.

See below:

Over the weekend it became clear from the messaging on the Sunday morning shows that Biden was gone.

Joe Biden Getting Pushed Out – Michelle Obama Believed to Be His Replacement

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