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Horrible and Corrupt Liz Cheney Won’t Go Away – Slams Jim Jordan

Nasty and corrupt Liz Cheney decided to defame US Congressman Jim Jordan who is a real GOP conservative in Congress.  It was another huge mistake for loser Liz. 

Liz Cheney decided to hammer Jim Jordan and announce her displeasure in a good American being the next Speaker of the House.  She shared:

Jim Jordan was involved in Trump’s conspiracy to steal the election and seize power; he urged that Pence refuse to count lawful electoral votes. If Rs nominate Jordan to be Speaker, they will be abandoning the Constitution. They’ll lose the House majority and they’ll deserve to.

The responses from America lovers to Liz were devastating. DC Draino reminded us that Liz lost by 40 points in her last race in Wyoming.

Cheney also concealed evidence to hide the crimes of the government on Jan 6.

Cheney destroyed evidence related to Jan 6.

Cheney is a traitor.  She supported Joe Biden’s stolen election.

Will Liz Cheney ever wake up and realize that her demented father Dick was wrong and corrupt and her actions maybe made him proud but stole from her any chance of being regarded as person for truth and justice and rather a corrupt and disgusting RINO?

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