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HOPE FOR NEW CALIFORNIA: St. George, Louisiana Separates from Democrat Baton Rouge

The citizens in California behind the effort to separate and create a new state named New California received a boost last night.  

The city of St. George was created due to its separation from Democrat-led Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Supreme Court has voted to allow residents to secede from Democrat-run Baton Rouge and create their own city.

The new city, St. George, will have nearly 100,000 people, making it one of the state’s largest cities in population.

“This is the culmination of citizens exercising their constitutional rights,” Andrew Murrell, a leader of the effort to create the city, said in a statement, adding, “Now we begin the process of delivering on our promises of a better city.”

The next steps for St. George are as follows:

The next steps include Gov. Jeff Landry appointing the city’s first mayor and city councilmembers. According to the St. George website, residents will vote for a new mayor and councilmembers in the next election cycle.

Murrell said work will then start on ordinances, zoning and planning before moving on to addressing the creation of a new school district. He couldn’t give a timeline on when a new school district would be formed.

This is good news for the citizens behind New California.  These courageous Californians are moving forward with the formation of the new state based on the West Virginia model from the Civil War era.  The US Constitution provides for this and they are using the Constitution to create this new state and overcome the tyranny and lack of representation that is provided to them in the current failed state of California.

Those running California are corrupt tyrants.  The state is facing bankruptcy and the people have no voice.  When tyranny reaches this level, good people have to act and they are.

The state of New California could save the 2024 election if put in place before the 2024 Election.

EXCLUSIVE: New California Statehood Could Save the 2024 Election

The next step is to encourage the US House to move forward with New California’s statehood. 

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