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HISTORY! Trump Finishes Republican Primary Race in Record Fashion

Posted at www.thegatewaypundit.com on June 8th and linked to by www.DrudgeReport.com

6-8 delegates Republican AP

On Tuesday Donald Trump closed the door on the Republican nomination for President by winning all five of the remaining primaries in New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico and California. Trump won the last 16 Republican contests.

The Republican Party started the year with 17 bona fide candidates for President.  This was more candidates than any major party in history.

6-8 Wins

Trump has more wins than any other Republican or Democrat candidate in this year’s race with 36. He also has more primary wins with 33 and leads all candidates in percent of overall wins and in percent of primary wins.

6-8 Delegates

Trump surpassed the number of delegates needed to win the Republican nomination for President a couple weeks ago and by the end of the night Trump held 1,536 delegates.

This was more delegates than any other Republican candidate and a higher percentage of delegates than any Republican or Democrat candidate in the race. It also was the highest percentage of delegates compared to what was needed at 124%.

6-8 Votes

Trump received more than 13 million votes to date in the elections according to www.thegreenpapers.com

As a result Trump has more votes than any candidate in Republican history. 

6-8 votes and delegates since 2000

George W. Bush had 12 million votes in 2000.  The Republican Party also set a party record this year in pre-convention state election turnout with over 30 million votes to date which was nearly 150% of the record high voter turnout in 2008.  This increase in votes can be attributed to Donald Trump.

Trump won a higher percentage of votes than any candidate ever when considering the number of contenders in the race. He also has the highest percent of delegates when considering the competition than any candidate ever.

5-24 Receipts and Disb

Trump may also be the first candidate in the modern era to have funded his campaign by himself during the primary season.

Although his results are much more impressive, he only spent a quarter the amount of money as Democrats Clinton and Sanders. He proved to be the real capitalist in the primary while Clinton and Sanders proved to be the socialists freely spending other people’s money.

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