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History Shows Democrats Messing with Electors and Even Plotting to Send Separate Electors in 2020

The Democrats for ages have protested elections that they lost.  Then in 2020 they projected President Trump selecting alternate electors in their war game mimicking their stolen election. 

KanekoaTheGreat on Twitter shared the many times that the Democrats have protested elections that they did not win.

Here is his thread:

Liberals were begging electors to jump ship in 2016 to Corrupt Hillary’s side.

MSNBC was pushing for electors to jump ship in 2016 along with big Michael Moore.

Many libs and far-left sites were promoting this approach to messing with electors.

Libs have always messed with electors – anything to win.

One individual pointed out that the Democrats even projected President Trump having an alternate set of electors in 2020 when the election was stolen.  Sicko John Podesta was behind this effort.

The Democrats have no constitutional right to indict alternate electors in swing states which were sent to DC on Jan 6.  They projected doing so themselves. What sick freaks.

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