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Hillary Lost Because Trump Outworked Her

Deroy Murdock, a contributing editor at the National Review, contacted Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit to discuss posts from the 2016 election related to rally attendance and other measurements reported by Joe here at the Gateway Pundit.

In his article out today entitled “Clinton Lost Because Trump Outworked Her” posted at various websites, Deroy shares:

Trump out-stumped Clinton. He spoke much more often than she did, and to far larger crowds. And then his fans reached out to people they knew and told them all about it.

Joe Hoft of Gateway Pundit meticulously tracked both nominees’ campaign rallies, from just after the conventions through Election Day. “I only included those events where the candidates themselves attended,” rather than surrogates like Bill Clinton or Rudolph W. Giuliani. Hoft excluded debates, TV interviews, fundraisers, and, he told me, “visits to companies or other small meetings, unless one gave a major speech.”

Hoft also developed crowd estimates that were “very difficult to put together,” due to what he considered often-biased news reports from establishment outlets. “The mainstream media almost always overstated Hillary’s crowds and understated Trump’s. I was forced many times to search at length to get numbers that looked reasonable…I believe these numbers are solid.”

Hoft’s carefully compiled data should make Clinton’s partisans aim their unbridled rage at her. His statistics yield an inescapable conclusion: Every single week between August 1 and November 8, Donald J. Trump addressed more voters at more rallies than did Hillary Clinton.

See article also posted at NewsMax here.

It was very clear to us at the Gateway Pundit that Trump was outworking Clinton and in part because of this we predicted a Trump win.

Thank you Deroy for the well written article.



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