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Here’s How to Help President Trump by Sending Him Money Directly

An excellent idea on how to support President Trump and not worry about others taking your donation. 

Many Americans would like to help President Trump but they don’t want their support stolen by the GOP or anyone else.  They want their money to go directly to President Trump.

Others want the same with candidates that they support.

This report by Praying Mantis on Substack provides the information on how to support President Trump and it may be the best idea for supporting candidates in the upcoming election as well.

After telling a story about a recent event for President Trump, Praying Mantis shared this:

How can we further support him? Numerous groups across the country pray for him, while others focus on securing the election, uncovering fraud, or engaging with the groundwork for a new administration. Can we extend our efforts? Personally, I’ve ceased donating to his campaign due to a lack of trust in the Republican party, fearing my modest contributions might be diverted by aggregate services.

In this journey, I believe the most fervent activists are those who hail from regions with firsthand experience of corruption, oppression, and the pitfalls of communism. One of my esteemed colleagues, after failed attempts to personally deliver money, cards, and tokens of appreciation to Mar-a-Lago, found a way to assist him while bypassing the system, gatekeepers, and administrators. Here’s how:

Send a $100 money order or check as a PERSONAL GIFT to Donald J. Trump using FedEx delivery service ASAP. FedEx ensures that your funds reach him directly, unlike regular mail. Money orders are available at your local bank, Walmart, convenience stores, Western Union, post office, and more.

Pay to the order of Donald J. Trump
Memo: Personal Gift, not a campaign contribution.
Send to:
1100 S. Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach FL, 33480

What if 5 million people donated $100? We fight, we punch, we get up, and we keep on keeping on. These are the most important elections in our lifetime.

Maybe this is how we should support all our candidates in 2024. 

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