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Head of FBI in Las Vegas Is Comey Appointee – No Wonder the Investigation is a Mess!

The current Head of the FBI in Las Vegas was appointed by former FBI Head and now admitted leaker James Comey. Is this why the investigation is such a mess?

Aaron Rouse was interviewed in a report on November 4th of 2016 out of Las Vegas –

With an American flag pin on his lapel and an assertive smile on his face, the new special agent in charge of the FBI’s Las Vegas Division introduced himself. Appointed by FBI Director James Comey, Aaron Rouse compared his first days on the job back in September to drinking from a firehose, adding that it was a “good hectic.”

Rouse started his career in law enforcement 25 years ago as a New York state trooper, and he’s been with the FBI for two decades, working violent crime and then forming part of a fugitive task force in the agency’s Washington Field Office. He has held leadership positions in Florida and Texas, and before moving to Las Vegas was section chief in the Counterintelligence Division at FBI headquarters.

The investigation into the events and the motive behind the Las Vegas shooting last Sunday night is in flux. To date no motive is provided by the FBI and local police.

Last week a press conference was held jointly by the FBI and the local Sheriff in Las Vegas concerning the recent murder of at least 59 people in that city. The Sheriff appeared transparent in the information he supplied. But the major question that everyone wanted to know was – why did the killer do it? What was his motive?

At this point, FBI special agent Rouse took the microphone. Instead of providing any information relevant to the mass murder – suicide, he berated everyone there and the millions watching on TV. The special agent in charge of the Las Vegas Division of the FBI said:

Our resolve is firm. We will get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes…we must focus on facts. We cannot give into conjecture. We cannot respond to every little Twitter feed that may indicate a theory. We need to be focused on the facts. You need us to be right. You expect us to be right and we want to be right….


After interviewing the killer’s girlfriend and God knows what else the FBI has uncovered, special agent Rouse provided nothing.

Yesterday we found out that the killer shot the security guard before he fired on the crowd of people. This directly contradicts with the earlier report that the security guard found the room of the killer and stopped him from shooting on the crowd. As a result many more questions are raised like – Why the change in story? Why did the killer ever stop shooting on the crowd if the security guard did not stop him?

The FBI’s lack of transparency along with the corrupt and criminal acts by former FBI Directors lead all of America to begin forming conspiracy theories and to further lose trust in the FBI.

So now we find out that the FBI’s lead investigator into the worst shooting in modern US history was appointed by corrupt Comey. No wonder its a mess!


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