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Hamas Terrorist Leaders in Qatar Go Into Hiding

Ismail Haniyeh Hamas Terrorist Leader

The monsters leading Hamas from their cushy Four Seasons hotel in Qatar have gone into hiding.  

The terrorist leaders of Hamas in Qatar, leading the luxurious lifestyle of billionaires have disappeared. They are no where to be found as Israel circles the remnants of Hamas in Gaza.

According to one media outlet in Israel, the leaders of Hamas have suddenly fled their cushy haven in Qatar for parts unknown. First, Makan reported from its sources in Doha that “a number” of Hamas officials and their staffers had left the country, which had offered them security for nearly a decade. Separately, KAN (Makan’s parent) reported that another “senior member of Hamas” had bailed out of Beirut. Joel Pollak aggregated this into one report for Breibart:

Hamas leaders who had lived in luxurious exile in Qatar have left for unknown destinations as of Tuesday and have switched off their phones, according to the Israeli Kan channel’s Arabic news service, Makan.

According to Makan (via Google translate), a “number” of Hamas leaders have left Qatar “for an unknown destination,” though they are presumed to be going to Lebanon, Iran, or Algeria.

The Jerusalem Post added: “Additionally, on Tuesday, KAN news reported that Saleh al-Arouri, a senior member of Hamas, left his usual residence in Beirut for Turkey.”

The US has been giving billions to the terrorists in Palestine since the Obama years.  President Trump shut this off but Biden put it back in place.

Obama and Biden have both given billions to Iran which supports the terrorist leaders of Hamas.   Little money makes it to the people in Gaza.  They are used only for publicity when they are killed by Israelis after being prevented from leaving Gaza by Hamas.

Former US Rep and current Dean of the School of Government at Regent University explains how the US is foolish in giving money to Hamas which is taken by its leaders who become billionaires.

Dean Michele Bachmann on The Joe Hoft Show – 2 November 2023 – Israel, Hamas, Biden and the New World Order

Who told the Hamas terrorist leaders to leave Qatar?

The decision to flee Qatar seems curious, although not inexplicable. Israel has pledged to hunt every member of Hamas down to the last man, including those living high off the haram in Doha — Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashaal in particular. The Israelis even formed a special unit in the Mossad to execute this plan (in every sense of that verb), reminiscent of their Operation Wrath of God after the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.

But Doha warned the Israelis about conducting any assassinations in their country, especially while the Hamas chief terrorists remained in negotiations. Israel has an interest in those talks too, as long as they believe the hostages are still alive and can be freed. Israel made it clear, if not entirely public, that they would not target Hamas leaders in Qatar while negotiations continued. Of course, Mossad negotiators left Qatar on December 2nd after Hamas repeatedly violated the terms of the operational ‘pause’ and hostages-for-prisoners deal.

That was almost two weeks ago, though. Suddenly, these sources report that Hamas leaders are fleeing in the moment, even though they have been long-established in Qatar (and become very wealthy as a consequence, about which more in a moment). If true — and so far, this is still pretty thin sourcing — it would mean something very significant has changed within the last day or two and that someone believes that the Israelis are likely to unleash this new Mossad unit at any time. What might have changed to that degree? A happy possibility could be that the Hamas command structure in Gaza, and especially in Khan Younis, is about to collapse, which means that the negotiators are useless. A less-happy possibility is that the negotiators have become useless because the hostages are all dead, and they think the Israelis know it.

What an evil mess.

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