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Hamas Controls Everything in Gaza Including UNRWA Supplies


A Palestinian man reports that UN aid to Gaza is controlled by Hamas. 

Hamas runs everything in Gaza and therefore any aid into the small area is run by Hamas as well.

A man identified as a Palestinian living in Gaza told the Israel Defense Forces on audio tape that Hamas has direct control over the United Nations group coordinating the delivery of humanitarian aid in the territory.

In recordings of the phone call, obtained by The Post, the man accused the troubled Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees in the Near East, known as UNRWA, of being under Hamas’ power, telling an IDF officer that the terrorist group has been hogging all the supplies.

“The situation is terrible because the humanitarian people, those responsible for the humanitarian aid, are thieves,” the frustrated Gaza resident said in the recording.

“Hamas has their hands on UNRWA administration workers, and it manages UNRWA,” he alleges. “From the day they [Hamas] rose to power they took control of everything.”

The man also claimed that Hamas has made sure the incoming humanitarian supplies were distributed to its own people first as opposed to the more than one million civilians who have been displaced by the war.

Some question why UNRWA even exists.

The media points out the issues in Gaza but often omits the truth.

Gaza is a mess and the UNRWA makes it messier.

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