Hamas Are Worse Than Nazis Who Covered Up Their Crimes – Hamas Celebrate Murder, Torture and Rape of Jews (VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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Hamas Are Worse Than Nazis Who Covered Up Their Crimes – Hamas Celebrate Murder, Torture and Rape of Jews (VIDEO)

Hamas terrorists are worse than Nazis who tried to cover up their crimes – Hamas terrorists celebrate their crimes of murder, torture and rape. 

During an interview with Piers Morgan, UK’s Douglas Murray outlines the difference between Hamas and the Nazis.

This is the best interview I have EVER seen.

Ever; ever; ever; nothing comes close.

Douglas Murrey has a heart – and mind – of gold.

And what unfolds in this seven-minute clip is something you need to watch for yourself. (Once you see it halfway through, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to.)

But he articulates something which I have been trying to share for the past month:

The Nazis, as fundamentally evil as they were, believed that they were engaging in a necessary evil for an ultimate good; they still had a spark of humanity at their core; thus, their main flaw was that they believed the ends justified the means; even though they fully believed in the “result” of a world without Jews, they were still fundamentally opposed to the “actions” they were taking.

This is what motivated the Nazis to find ways of circumventing the existential moral decay they were entering, and allowed them to get creative by using the gas chambers, mass shootings (in the BACK of the head – to avoid direct facial contact), and other passive forms of mass annihilation, while also having as few Nazis as possible actually involved in these acts of murder; they then encouraged those individuals who were involved in this atrocity of mass murder to get drunk every night in order to wash away the person they started seeing in the mirror.

Thus, the existential decay of these individual Nazis actively involved in the mass murder of the Jewish People was simply seen as another layer of “the ends justify the means.”

They were the epitome of “Western” evil.

Hamas is the exact opposite.

This IS their value system.

They prize death, murder, rape, suicide missions, and everything that opposes the very foundation of values and truth to begin with.

The events of October 7th was not an end to a means… there is no future goal… this IS the goal.

They are the epitome of an evil the likes of which we have never before seen.

Please – I know this is social media and some people only watch 60-second soundbites; but please, please, please watch this brilliant interview.

Douglas Murray – you are a credit to everything worth being credited.

Below is the interview:

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