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Halderman Report Released After Being Hidden for Two Years Shows that Elections Can Easily Be Stolen by Bad Actors

Finally, after being hidden for two years, the Halderman report was released showing that America’s elections using Dominion Voting machines can be easily hacked and fixed by bad actors. 

No wonder these corrupt actors wanted to keep this hidden.  

One individual on Twitter looked over the report and provided the following analysis of what it says.

The Halderman report gives no confidence to Georgia voters that their elections are safe, free and fair.

Even non-technical bad actors can exploit elections in Georgia.

Bad actors can steal elections now. We’ve been lied to.

Votes and elections can be changed without detection.

The risk limiting audits are garbage as this auditor has been saying since first discovered.

Prior testing of these machines was BS which is why this was never caught before:

We need to stop pretending – these machines appear designed for fraud.

WOW.  And just think.  FOX News just paid Dominion nearly $1 Billion in a lawsuit and Dominion knew that their machines were likely designed for fraud.  BIG MISTAKE.  HUGE.

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