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GREATEST PUNK EVER: Photos of Michelle Obama Pregnant Unearthed


The greatest punk ever – liberal heads explode. 

A couple of days ago on the 20th of September a tweet was released showing Michelle Obama pregnant.  The caption in the tweet was:

BREAKING: Michelle Obama silences ALL conspiracy theorists and demands a universal apology after FINALLY releasing glowing pregnancy photos when she was expecting Sasha and Malia.

The tweet showed Michelle Obama clearly pregnant.  This is important because no photos of Michelle Obama pregnant have ever been reported before this tweet.  This leads many people to believe that the Obama children were not Michelle’s children and therefore Michelle is a tranny.

This might also explain the Obama’s fascination with transgender rights, something unheard of until the Obama’s came into power.

Unfortunately for many, the photos were made up.  They were not real. It was a joke.

This didn’t stop the lefties and twitter gurus from claiming that the photos were not real in anger.

If you look closely the pictures don’t really look like Michelle Obama.

In addition, the photos show a Michelle with six long fingers.  This must be related to Obama’s portrait where he has six fingers.

Figures. Obama’s Official White House Portrait in the Leaves Has Six Fingers

Joan Rivers shared years ago that Michelle was a transgender.  This went viral.

Here is the tweet of Michelle pregnant.

Ask any woman who was pregnant for 10 months if it was a memorable experience and if they have pictures and they will say of course.  The fact that Michelle has no pictures from her pregnancy other than these says something. 

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