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Governor Brian Kemp Says He’d Support President Trump After Stealing His Election Win in Georgia in 2020

Geogia Governor Brian Kemp says he would support President Trump after certifying uncertifiable election in 2020 for Joe Biden.

In 2020 after the corrupt and uncertifiable election was certified for Joe Biden in Georgia by the corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Governor Kemp took 30 minutes to back corrupt Raffensperger and certify the results.  This was one of the greatest election crimes in US history.

What Is Georgia’s Governor Kemp Going to Do Now that the Georgia Results He Signed Off on Are Invalid?

Despite the piles of evidence of fraud in the state’s 2020 Election, Governor Kemp says he followed the Constitution.  Yet, he will now support President Trump if Trump is nominated by the GOP for President.

Liberals heads’ popped off with this news.  They want to believe the lie that the 2020 Election was legit.

Liberals love lies.

After certifying Georgia for Joe Biden with millions of ballots in question in the 2020 Election in Georgia, Brian Kemp now says he would support President Trump.

If Kemp supports President Trump like he did in 2020, America is in trouble.

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