GOP Leadership Respond to Unconstitutional Democrat Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Removing President Trump from Ballot | Joe Hoft


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GOP Leadership Respond to Unconstitutional Democrat Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Removing President Trump from Ballot

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GOP leaders immediately released statements on the unconstitutional ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court kicking President Trump off of the 2024 ballot. 

Republicans are rallying around President Donald Trump in response to the egregious ruling from Colorado’s Supreme Court. Below is a list of what they shared:

Speaker Mike Johnson: “Today’s ruling attempting to disqualify President Trump from the Colorado ballot is nothing but a thinly veiled partisan attack. Regardless of political affiliation, every citizen registered to vote should not be denied the right to support our former president and the individual who is the leader in every poll of the Republican primary. We trust the U.S. Supreme Court will set aside this reckless decision and let the American people decide the next President of the United States.”

Sen. J.D. Vance: “Apparently democracy is when judges tell people they’re not allowed to vote for the candidate leading in the polls? This is disgraceful. The Supreme Court must take the case and end this assault on American voters.”

Sen. Eric Schmitt: “The Threat to Democracy™️ crowd is afraid of voters actually voting for their preferred candidate. It’s  a joke and once again will backfire.”

Rep. Jim Banks: “They will do everything they can to block Donald Trump from being President again. Really nothing surprises me anymore. But it won’t work. It only emboldens those of us who know America is worth fighting for and that Donald Trump is the fighter we need back in the White House to save America. Bring it on!”

Sen. Mike Lee: “This lawless, cynical ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court will not stand.”

Sen. Steve Daines: “This is an unprecedented and illegal action by liberal Colorado judges. I plan to send a letter to the US Supreme Court asking them to immediately reverse this blatant election interference for the sake of our democracy.”

Sen. Rick Scott: “This is insane. In the US, we don’t allow political hacks to kick their ‘enemies’ off the ballot because they disagree with them. If this is the path that radical Dems choose to weaponize the courts against conservatives, we are no better than the socialist regimes in VZ & Cuba.”

Sen. Roger Marshall: “Colorado Democrats: If you can’t beat him, take him off the ballot. This unprecedented weaponization of the 14th Amendment will only make victory that much sweeter on Nov. 5th, 2024.”

Sen. Marco Rubio: “The U.S. has put sanctions on other countries for doing exactly what the Colorado Supreme Court has done today”

Rep. Elise Stefanik: “Four partisan Democrat operatives on the Colorado Supreme Court think they get to decide for all Coloradans and Americans the next presidential election. This is unAmerican and Democrats are so afraid that President Trump will win on Nov 5th 2024 that they are illegally attempting to take him off the ballot. Like the rest of the unprecedented, constant, and illegal election interference against President Trump, this will backfire and further strengthen President Trump’s winning campaign to Save America.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Democrats are trying to imprison their chief political opponent and have now apparently succeeded at removing him from the ballot. This is what dictators do. I’m confident that the U.S. Supreme Court will not allow this egregious ruling to stand. The American people will decide their next president, not activist judges in Colorado.”

Rep. Mike Collins: “Activist judges are a threat to Democracy. The Left seeks to interfere with an election they’re afraid of losing.”

Rep. Byron Donalds: “This is blatant disenfranchisement of millions of voters from the Colorado Supreme Court. Trump says it best: They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way. TRUMP 2024.

Rep. Wesley Hunt: “The state of Colorado just removed Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot.  An effort led by four Democrats.  The very same Democrats who scream about ‘DEMOCRACY,’ just took an open flame to the very concept. If Donald Trump is so unpopular with the American people, then why are we witnessing unprecedented election interference to stop him from winning next year? Rhetorical question. You know the answer.  Every American should be outraged by what happened tonight.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert: “Liberals on the Colorado Supreme Court just ruled that Trump SHOULD NOT appear on the Colorado primary ballot for 2024. This is extreme judicial activism that is designed to suppress the vote and voices of hundreds of thousands of Coloradans, which is absolutely unacceptable. I am confident the U.S. Supreme Court will remedy this horrible decision so Coloradans will have the right to cast their ballot for our 45th and 47th President, Donald J. Trump. We will fight this every step of the way!”

Rep. Daniel Webster: “This reckless decision to bar Donald Trump- the leading Presidential candidate – should warrant intervention from the U.S. Supreme Court. The American people decide who is elected President, not liberal activists.”

Rep. Barry Moore: “This is election interference. America stands with President Trump!”

Rep. Andrew Clyde: “ELECTION INTERFERENCE ‼️ The Colorado Supreme Court has removed President Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot. SCOTUS must overrule this insanity.”

Rep. Harriet Hageman: “This is what tyranny looks like. An activist court has denied Americans the right to vote for the candidate of their choice in Colorado. I trust that the U.S. Supreme Court will remedy this nonsense.”

Rep. Robert Aderholt: “I’m confident the United States Supreme Court will reverse the decision of the Colorado Supreme Court. State courts should not be in the business of deciding who may or may not seek federal office. This ruling also realistically has no impact at all on the electoral college.”

Rep. Rudy Yakym: “The Left’s partisan vendetta against President Trump knows no bounds. Our elections need to be decided by ‘We the People’ at the ballot box, not activist judges. This attack on democracy and blatant election interference cannot stand, and SCOTUS must overturn.”

Rep. Andy Ogles: “The Colorado Supreme Court just voted to remove Trump from the ballot. This is an unprecedented level of election interference and political sabotage. The Left will stop at nothing to silence their opponents; right now, it’s President Trump. Soon, it will be you. Never surrender.”

Rep. Ronny Jackson: “UNBELIEVABLE! This is what the last days of this nation look like!! What the partisan Colorado Supreme Court has done is CORRUPT, OUTRAGEOUS, and UN-AMERICAN!! They KNOW they can’t beat Trump so they’re RIGGING the election. THIS WON’T STAND! WE WILL BEAT THEM! TRUMP WILL BE BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!”

Rep. Eric Burlison: “The Colorado Supreme Court just removed President Trump from the ballot heading into 2024. Election interference, plain and simple. This cannot stand!”

Rep. Max Miller: “The people have the right to choose their president. Voters must have the opportunity to make their voices heard. Courts should protect the will of the people, not cast it aside.”

Rep. Troy Nehls: “The Colorado Supreme Court has removed President Trump from the ballot under the 14th Amendment. These justices are a disgrace to our country. The court’s ruling is just more election interference. America stands with President Trump.”

Rep. Mary Miller: “Democrats in Colorado are removing President Trump from the ballot because the “Democrat” Party opposes democracy, which is a system where voters get to select their elected leaders. If Biden and the ‘media’ actually believed in democracy, they would denounce this immediately.”

Rep. Paul Gosar: “The dems know they can’t beat Trump, so they remove him and disenfranchise the voters of CO.  A new low for our country.  SCOTUS must end this election interference madness.”

(Notice that Mitt Romney, his niece Ronna Romney McDaniel, and Liz Cheney are not on this list.)

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