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Global Citizens and Leaders Want President Trump Back in the White House to Restore Freedom and Common Sense


For the sake of freedom on earth, the world wants Trump back in the White House. 

Pesach Wolicki penned the following remarks at the Jerusalem Post a couple of days ago:

When President Donald Trump took office, he inherited a Middle East that included an ISIS caliphate, an Iran that had recently entered into the infamous Obama Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal, which strengthened it both economically and militarily, and terrorism in Israel that claimed the lives of an average of 20 citizens per year.

The jihadist elements in the Middle East were ascendant and emboldened. Trump took a revolutionary approach to foreign policy. Rather than seeking peace through negotiation and accommodation with one’s adversaries, Trump chose the path of strengthening and rewarding those countries who were friends, both in practice and in potential. The idea is simple. Weaken the bad actors while incentivizing good behavior.

Trump pulled out of the JCPOA and curtailed Iran’s primary source of income through sanctions. One result was that Hamas, Hezbollah, and the other Iranian terror proxies were short on funds. He then went about destroying ISIS and killing Iranian terror chief Qasem Soleimani in a much-publicized targeted hit.

He also signed into law and enforced the Taylor Force Act (TFA), which prevents the US from sending any funds to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as long as it continues to pay the families of terrorist murderers. Israel’s enemies, and America’s, were on their back foot…

…An amazing thing happened. Terrorism in Israel almost completely vanished. In 2018, with the passing of the TFA (and its first year of enforcement), terrorist murders in Israel fell to 14, the lowest in five years. In 2019, the year that all US aid to the PA ceased, the number of murder victims fell to 11. In 2020 it fell further to three.

Concurrent with his sanctioning and the weakening of the proponents and funders of jihad, Trump embraced a relationship with the Saudis, delivering his first major foreign policy address in Riyadh early in his presidency. The message was clear. Those states that desire peaceful engagement rather than terror will be rewarded…

…Two months after taking office, on March 26, 2021, the Biden administration announced that it would send $75 million to the PA to regain the “trust and goodwill” of the Palestinians in the wake of the Trump administration’s cuts in aid. The State Department made it known at that time that this payment was only the beginning of a renewed pledge to support the PA, making it clear at the time that renewal of aid would not be contingent on any change in PA policy.

In other words, the Biden administration brazenly declared their intent to violate the TFA. Let’s recall that the TFA is not an executive order or Trump-era policy. It is United States law.

In late October I invited Guya Mariani on the Joe Hoft Show to discuss the situation in Italy.  It turned into a lesson I would never forget.  Ms. Mariani described fascism and communism, their histories and differences.  She described Italy’s place in the world and the influence of the US everywhere.

Then Ms. Mariani finished with this – we will either have communism, fascism or Trump.  These are our alternatives.

SUPERB – Guya Mariani – It’s Either Fascism, Communism or Trump “I Hope in Trump”

The citizens and leaders of the world know what the world needs.  The world needs Trump. 

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