Get Back Loretta! Totally Redacted Appendix Two in DOJ IG Report Reportedly Contains Damaging Material on Obama AG Loretta Lynch

The DOJ’s IG report released by Inspector General Horowitz contains an entire Appendix (No. 2) that was totally redacted from the report. It was labeled “Law Enforcement Sensitive”. It’s now being reported that the Appendix contains damaging information on the Obama Administration’s former AG Loretta Lynch.

Although it was not reported, IG Horowitz’s report on “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election” contained two Appendices and the second Appendix was totally redacted and left out of the report.

Of course after years of the Obama Administration and his legacy group of FBI and DOJ agents and attorneys Americans are not surprised by the level of corruption. The criminal leaders of the DOJ, FBI and the Special Counsel they created are all corrupt and for years have been withholding information that would implicate themselves in their many crimes.

Now to no one’s surprise, its being reported that the redacted Appendix Two in the IG report contains damaging information on Obama’s former AG Loretta Lynch.

Get Back Loretta – Get Back to Where You Always Belonged!