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German Farmers Protest and Shut Down Berlin – Big Media Covers It Up

Farmers in Germany are standing up against the WEF-led EU and German government. 

Germany wants to remove tax breaks on diesel benefitting farmers and the farmers don’t like it.  The farmers went to Berlin to make their dissatisfaction known.

Farmers clogged Berlin streets with their tractors on Monday, honking their horns in protest at a plan to scrap tax breaks on the diesel they use, the climax of a week of protests that has tapped into wider discontent with Germany’s government.

Columns of tractors rolled into the capital ahead of the demonstration at the landmark Brandenburg Gate. Over the past week, farmers have blocked highway entrances and slowed traffic across Germany with their protests, intent on pushing Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government to abandon the planned cuts entirely.

They’re not satisfied with concessions the government has already made. On Jan. 4, it watered down its original plan, saying that a car tax exemption for farming vehicles would be retained and the cuts in the diesel tax breaks would be staggered over three years.

“Take back the proposed tax increases, then we’ll pull back,” said the chairman of the German Farmers’ Association, Joachim Rukwied. He said the demonstration sent a message to politicians that “too much is too much.”

“We are an important part of Germany — please don’t forget that,” he said.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner was greeted with boos, whistles and chants of “Get lost” as he defended the government’s revised plan. He conceded that the original proposal “was too much and it was too fast” and said the protests were legitimate and peaceful.

Videos of the protests show a massive rally from the farmers.

Here’s more video of the farmers.

Together we will beat the globalist elites. 

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