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Georgia’s Corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger Says Voting Machines in State Are Fine Despite Independent Investigation Reporting Material Vulnerabilities

Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State will not remove machines in the 2024 election that have been found to be so insecure that they can be hacked and elections changed by bad actors.

A week ago, the Halderman report was finally released in Georgia after the corrupt Obama judge Amy Totenberg allowed it finally to be released.  The report laid out numerous facts about the Dominion Voting machines used in the 2020 Election in the state.

Halderman Report Released After Being Hidden for Two Years Shows that Elections Can Easily Be Stolen by Bad Actors

But after seeing the report, corrupt Raffensperger claims that it wasn’t that the report wasn’t that bad and the machines will be used again in the upcoming election in 2024.

Georgia’s election system is secure. It’s been battle-tested through two general elections, subjected to repeated audits and intense public scrutiny, and come through with flying colors. Georgia’s election officials are proceeding judiciously and responsibly to ensure that our elections are secure, accurate and accessible to the voters. Every single piece of voting equipment across Georgia will undergo security health checks ahead of the 2024 presidential elections, including verification no software has been tampered with.

The current proposed software upgrade has never been deployed for a major election anywhere in the nation. There are pilot tests of the upgrade that will take place in some local jurisdictions in Ohio, and Georgia will test it in some municipal elections this fall. In an initial evaluation by our election officials, the upgraded software was found to be incompatible with our poll pads. Discovering that problem during an election would have caused chaos. Discovering it ahead of time allows us to develop a patch that addresses the issue -without risking any election or public trust in the results.

The “critics of Georgia’s election security” you’ve probably seen quoted in the media are from one of only two groups: election-denying conspiracy theorists or litigants in the long-running Curling lawsuit. These two groups make ever-shifting but always baseless assertions that Georgia’s election system is at risk because bad actors might hack the system and change the result of an election. These are the same assertions we heard in 2016, when Russia supposedly “hacked the election,” and in 2018, when Stacey Abrams refused to concede because of “voter suppression.” We heard them in 2020, and conducted a risk-limiting audit and a full hand recount of every ballot in Georgia to prove that our results were accurate, and our elections were and are secure. The 2022 elections saw record-breaking voter turnout, high levels of voter satisfaction and virtually zero complaints about the process -or the results.

Insantity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  The people of Georgia better get this fixed or the 2024 election will be stolen in that state again. 

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