George Papadopoulos Insists He Was Set Up by UK Spy Mifsud – John Brennan Lackeys Don’t Like It | Joe Hoft


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George Papadopoulos Insists He Was Set Up by UK Spy Mifsud – John Brennan Lackeys Don’t Like It

Former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos is on fire challenging the Deep State about the actions they took against him and President Trump before and after the 2016 election.

George Papadopoulos who was indicted by the Mueller witch hunt for lying to the FBI is scheduled to testify before Congress this month and is looking forward to it. (Note his demeanor about testifying before Congress when compared to that of Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS or crooked Rod Rosenstein from the DOJ.)

Through a series of tweets, Papadopoulos shares how he was set up by UK operatives before the election. This all relates to the charges that he was eventually charged. Papadopoulos shares that one individual who set him up was Joseph Mifsud, who he now believes was a British agent –

Papadopoulos shows in a tweet that Mifsud was tight with senior UK intel officials and therefore it is unlikely that the UK was so incompetent in allowing Mifsud next to them if he was Russian –

“UK Agent” Mifsud was also spotted in public with British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson –

Former CIA Director John Brennan gang members were openly tweeting that Papadopoulos is a numbskull and that his allegations did not add up –

However, others on Twitter were quick to point out that Papadopoulos has much more credibility than Brennan and his gang –

Looks like the walls are closing in on the Obama Administration’s former Head of the CIA John Brennan and his cohorts who attempted to overthrow the Trump administration. These people should all be in jail. Americans deserve to know if foreign governments and Brennan were all involved in this witch hunt!

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