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GENERAL FLYNN: Texas Has the Right to Defend Its Borders

General Michael Flynn shared his thoughts on the border crisis in an Op-Ed at Western Journal.  

In an Op-Ed at Western Journal, General Michael Flynn shared his thoughts on the right of the state of Texas to protect its border.

The Supreme Court’s decision this week to order Texas not to protect its border with Mexico will go down in history as one of the court’s most cowardly decisions that could doom our nation — if it is allowed to stand.

That decision was not just about razor wire. It was about the role of states in our federal system and the betrayal of the nation — first by a president, and now by two Republican-appointed justices.

I ask you to invest the time to stay with me through this article, as we need to spend some time together to think through the background of the crisis that is now upon us — for it could be a truly existential threat to the nation.

Biden and the Wall

Within hours of President Joe Biden being sworn into office, he signed a proclamation that ordered an end to construction of President Donald Trump’s southern border wall. His stated reason was that the wall was “a waste of money that diverts attention from genuine threats to our homeland security.”

This statement was so absurd that we knew at once that this man who had somehow assumed the presidency was not on our side. Biden had just sworn the president’s constitutionally prescribed oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and within hours he had flung open the nation’s borders to all comers.

Biden was announcing that he was the second act in the Obama administration’s mission to “fundamentally transform” the United States. He was declaring that the Trump years were over, and the revolutionaries were back in charge.

Was the Trump wall really a “waste of money”?

The establishment media had attacked Trump for spending $11 billion to put barriers up along 50 miles of our southern border. But the corrupt media thought nothing of spending more than 10 times that to defend Ukraine and its border. And the House GOP now estimates the annual cost of the Biden open border will be $451 billion in caring for illegal aliens.

Biden opened the door, and over 3.8 million people walked through. That number of illegals is greater than the population of 22 states and is on the verge of destroying the nation in every way by causing crime, drug deaths, child trafficking, terrorism, deficit spending and more. He could not have done any more damage to the nation if he had tried.

General Flynn goes on to ask where are the Congressional Republicans?  This is a good question.  Americans don’t want zingers in depositions on the House floor – we want to be protected.

General Fly continues:

We Republicans looked to the states to rise up and take real action to defend our borders.

We knew Gavin Newsom in California was a lost cause. Arizona’s Doug Ducey was a McCain clone — shown to be uninterested in election fraud — who would do nothing to protect his constituents. Then, in January 2023, Katie Hobbs took over Arizona and the Republican legislature had little stomach to fight her.

But finally, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, no doubt pushed by solid conservative Attorney General Ken Paxton, started to take action.

General Flynn is right – see more at the Western Journal.


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