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General Flynn Promotes “Guard the Vote” for 2024 Election

General Michael Flynn is promoting “Guard the Vote for 2024” to help protect our elections. 

General Michael Flynn is promoting “Guard the Vote for 2024” to help save our elections.

General Flynn shared in a Tweet:

Get ready to:


I am not an “election denier,” so the fake news media can stop using that label on those of us who desire honest elections. It’s getting old and very candidly, it doesn’t work. I simply disagree that we have fair elections. I’m not certain if we have had a “fair” election since we started using all of the technology that was supposed to make our lives easier.

It’s now being said that AI may actually determine the outcome of the 2024 election!

Throughout US history, many good, and mainly young, lives have been sacrificed for us to live in a free country, and that is my point. “Elections” don’t adhere to a code of moral values, only people can do that.

All of us arguing for fair elections are stating that those currently running our elections (elected and unelected bureaucrats) are supposed to adhere to a code of moral values (unfortunately, many do not). I can’t believe that this is asking too much!

I know from my military experience, what gets checked is what gets done…so #WeThePeople are going to be checking on the entire election system from top to bottom, start to finish, sunup to sundown…we simply want our elected officials to adhere to a code of moral values as well as their constitutional and lawful duties.

When you hear me say; “GUARD THE VOTE”, this is what I’m talking about.

God Bless and Continue to Protect the USofA

PS., WH & DOJ You’re only making @realDonaldTrump  and #WeThePeople stronger.

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