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General Flynn Goes Off on Corrupt and Evil Obama

General Flynn is on a roll.  Earlier this week he laid out Pu$$y Weissmann and then Obama.

This past week, General Flynn laid out corrupt attorney Andrew Weissmann who was behind the corruption and destruction of the DOJ.

General Flynn Drops a Bomb on Corrupt DOJ Destroyer Andrew Weissmann

General Flynn then went after corrupt Obama:

You know @BarackObama, instead of using the word “abortions” you should correctly say, “baby murders.” These murdered children (from the moment of conception) have choices too (and our US Supreme Court has spoken). But you never cared much for the rule of law, did you?

In fact, instead of using your eight (8) years destroying our nation, you should have uplifted the black community, the hispanic community, in fact, all communities. Instead, you decided to further pervert our culture like the good marxist you are.

Just look at what we’ve learned this week alone. You were briefed in early August, 2016 on the narcissistic @HillaryClinton  plan to destroy then Presidential Candidate @realDonaldTrump  and all those around him…and you allowed the lie to carry on for the next four years, cascading America into the shadow of the valley of death we find ourselves in today (seven years now). I have seen the light at the end of the valley and it belongs to God Almighty!

If it sounds like I’m tired of hearing from you, you’d be correct. Another fact is that many, many millions of Americans are also tired of hearing your BS.

And how about helping those young women in positive ways instead of physically, emotionally and spiritually destructive ways (life is vastly better than death!). And why don’t you ask your blue state governor buddies to get serious about children being exploited by child sex trafficking, etc? How about taking that on? Instead of destroying our future generation, you’d be protecting it!

Your unambiguous & ignorant missive today isn’t going to distract us from the crimes you perpetrated or the crimes recently discovered emanating from the Durham report or hearing–they are egregious. You cannot make us forget these apparent multi-million dollar bribes taken by your then Vice President and his son, Hunter. I’ve said enough and wasted more of my day than I wanted to on someone who needs to dry up and go away. Ask yourself Mr. President, aren’t you glad your mother chose life when she decided to have you?

Obama shared the following:

It’s been a year since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since then, 14 states have banned most abortions, leaving millions of women and girls with nowhere to turn for the care they need.

And yet, there are reasons to hope.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, voters in Michigan, California, and Vermont helped enshrine abortion rights in their state constitutions. And governors in states like Nevada, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania have signed executive orders to protect abortion access.

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