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Fulton County Corrupt Actors Want to Destroy Evidence from 2020 Election

Ruby Freeman in Fulton County

Fulton County crooks are petitioning the courts to destroy evidence from the 2020 Election that they refuse to turn over for review. 

Garland Favorito reported the following this evening:

Fulton County Moves to Destroy 2020 Election Ballots,

Wants Attorney Fees After Losing in Georgia Supreme Court

ATLANTA, GA, JUNE 25, 2024 – Attorneys for Fulton County Georgia argued in the Fulton counterfeit ballot case yesterday that a temporary injunction to preserve the 2020 Fulton election ballots should be lifted, which would allow ballots to be destroyed before they are unsealed, copied and revealed to the public. They also argued Fulton should receive attorney fees for the case even after a Georgia Supreme Court overturned lower court decisions to confirm standing for the Plaintiffs who seek to copy and inspect the ballots.

Attorney Laura Moore argued on behalf of Fulton Superior Court Clerk Che Alexander, who was present in the courtroom, that there is no longer room in a secure warehouse cage for the ballots so they may now be destroyed. Attorney Moore withheld from the court facts that Fulton County just opened a new 60,000 sq. ft. Election Operations warehouse at nearly $30 million of initial cost and an additional $4 million annual lease for Fulton taxpayers.

Attorney Kaye Burwell argued that the county should receive attorney fees for costs incurred so far because Plaintiffs’ claims, which are still yet to be adjudicated, are “meritless”. Burwell ignored all rulings showing Plaintiffs in the case, currently known as Favorito v. Wan, were granted relief eight times thus proving their claims are legitimate. The rulings include:

  1. A temporary injunction to preserve all ballots on Jan. 7, 2021;
  2. An order to produce scanned absentee ballot images on April 16, 2021;
  3. An order upholding two Open Records Request claims on April 20, 2021;
  4. A motion granted to add the county and clerk as Defendants on April 21, 2021;
  5. An order to unseal the ballots for inspection and copying on May 21, 2021;
  6. An order granting Petitioners’ motion to add parties on June 24, 2021;
  7. A Georgia Supreme Court order confirming Plaintiffs’ standing claim on Dec. 12, 2022;
  8. An appeals court adoption of the higher order for Fulton plaintiffs on May 11, 2023.

Lead Plaintiff Garland Favorito added, “Watching the attorneys make such ludicrous, dishonest arguments with a straight face while seeking to destroy the ballots and charge us fees for winning arguments in court against them only serves to remind me of the massive Fulton County corruption that threatens the voting rights of every Georgian.”

Judge Robert McBurney is expected to rule soon on the motion for fees, the temporary injunction for the ballots and a Plaintiff motion to substitute Defendants with new members of the Fulton County Election Board who the court can compel to act if it grants further relief.

VoterGA is a non-partisan, 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization created by a coalition of citizens working to restore election integrity in Georgia. We advocate for independently verifiable, auditable, recount capable, transparent and tamper proof elections.

Garland Favorito


404 664-4044 CL

Here is a pdf of this letter:

Press Release Fulton Co Moves to Destroy 2020 Election Ballots by Joe Ho on Scribd

5 thoughts on “Fulton County Corrupt Actors Want to Destroy Evidence from 2020 Election”

  1. Evidently these documents have already been destroyed, as such audaciousness in court is only ever practiced by the guilty at the end of their rope.
    They have no other choice at this point than to lie through their teeth and hope the judge is either on their side or otherwise distracted, lest they be seen as responsible for adding substantial weight to the growing public bank of proof regarding severe historic and elitist(ergo continuing) election rigging and see an end to their careers(and ideally their freedom too).

    But, I won’t hold my breath.
    It’s just shadows on the cave wall & I much prefer the sunlight personally, even if it is lonely out.

    • I agree totally….The ballots have already been destroyed to save their being examined…the first paragraph in this article tells it all….IMHO….I do believe by destroying those ballots they have lost their case and hopefully their jobs and and their lives to prison…This will not end in a good way for them….AMERICA IS WAKING UP TO OBAMA AND SOREASS’S COMMUNISTIC WAYS…

      • For decades now, whenever voting time came around, I always thought: “Hmm, which Zionist am I been allowed to vote for this time round..?”

        I tried hard for over 40 years but I found whoever I voted for, the incredibly shy ‘Purple Party’ always wins, even though it’s never on the ballot(foreign policy speaks volumes).
        So I chose to stop bleating uselessly at the fence with everyone else whenever the shepherd approached shaking his bucket.
        It took me a while but I eventually realised through repeated sweet-talks & consistent broken promises(one too many sheep-dips) I/we are just a commodity to everything living outside ‘the pen’.

        I’m in the UK. Here, we had the luxury of seeing faux democracy in action a while back when practically everyone voted for the Liberal Democrats only to have the Conservatives(who’d previously just been running the country in their usual corrupt manner) totally disregard the people’s choice and…well, just continue holding the power(!), while weakly making it appear like they hadn’t just ignored the democratic process by being ever-so-gracious and ‘allowing’ the LibDems to tag along behind them and “have a say”…which in hindsight consisted of the Conservatives ignoring the democratically elected LibDems outright and simply carrying on with the same agenda they’d previously been (unsuccessfully)voted out for. YAY the pretense of democracy.

        Voting: What an awesomet way to manipulate the masses.


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