From Circles to Wawa – Biden’s “RALLIES” Are a Shameful Disgrace | Joe Hoft


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From Circles to Wawa – Biden’s “RALLIES” Are a Shameful Disgrace

Union Workers with Biden

The Biden gang is so far behind in the race for the White House they claim a shuffle into a Wawa a “Rally”. 

In 2020 President Trump spoke in front of 1.1 MILLION Americans at rallies across the country between Labor Day and the November election.  Biden spoke in front of less than 2,000 people at the same time.

This was reported in my book The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage.

It’s worse in 2024.  President Trump has already held numerous events across the country.  He sets records at venues and has huge crowds.

The opposite is true of Biden.  He team promotes his events this past week at a rivalry with President Trump.  It’s like comparing a kindergarten sack lunch to a professional football team – it’s night at day.

The Sheetz Gas Station entrance was bizarre.  He’s lost.  All of America knows what a clown he is.

The comparisons to President Trump are actually offensive.  Biden is a crook who is senile.  President Trump is a good man who loves America.

James Woods says it best. 

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