FOX’s Neil Cavuto Can’t Believe President Trump Is Racking Up an “Unusually” Large Number of Supporters in Florida | Joe Hoft


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FOX’s Neil Cavuto Can’t Believe President Trump Is Racking Up an “Unusually” Large Number of Supporters in Florida

It’s been a rough few weeks for Ron DeSantis and NeverTrumpers. 

Mediaite reported:

Fox News ran a tough segment for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during Friday’s edition of Your World, showing Donald Trump racking up endorsements while leading handily in the polls. One Florida congressman joined the program to add his name to the list of lawmakers in DeSantis’s home state who are endorsing Trump…

He explained Trump has so far notched endorsements from 59 members of the House and Senate, 10 of whom are from Florida.

“Only one member from Florida supported DeSantis,” he said.

Chad Pergram concluded his report and handed the show over to Neil Cavuto who is an avid NeverTrumper.  His attitude has always been that he preferred anyone other than President Trump.  He really showed it on November 3, 2020, during the election broadcast.  Actions like Cavuto’s on that night cost FOX News dearly as many Americans have tuned them out ever since.

Cavuto welcomed Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) to FOX and then immediately asked the Florida congressman who he is endorsing.  The Congressman replied to Cavuto’s disappointment:

“Well, I’m announcing that I’ll be supporting President Donald J. Trump for president in 2024,” he replied. “I think he gives us the best chance of winning. He had a solid track record as president.”

“Now, did you let both candidates know that that was your preference?” Cavuto asked.

“Yes I did, before I announced today,” he answered. “Obviously, the president knows, but also Governor Desantis knows exactly who I was going to support.”

Cavuto asked how DeSantis reacted.

“Well, I think the governor understands,” Giminez said.

Cavuto shared the exchange on his Twitter account.  He doesn’t look happy.

Over and over we are hearing the same, that DeSantis is doing a great job as governor but the people are behind President Trump for 2024.

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