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FOX Sports Never Mentions President Trump In Attendance at the Iowa-Iowa State Rivalry Game

President Trump attended the rivalry game between Iowa and Iowa State yesterday but you might not know it.

FOX News wrote a piece on President Trump attending the rivalry game in Iowa yesterday.

Donald Trump is the big man on campus.

The former President is attending Saturday’s Iowa-Iowa State game, but he had to turn back the clock to the college days before the contest.

The game kicked off at 3:30 ET, so before the game, Trump had some time to pay a visit to the Iowa people.

The President was a warm welcome to the state suffering under Bidenomics.

However, during the game the announcers never once mentioned that the President was in attendance.  You never would have known it.

FOX News has an agenda to prevent any mention of the real President of the US.  This is why Americans no longer watch FOX. 

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