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FOX News Plants Never-Trumper in “Random” Panel of GOP Conservatives Discussing Presidential Hopefuls


Foreign-owned FOX News has lost its way and its audience.  

Here is another example of why I no longer watch FOX News.

Once upon a time FOX owned the American conservative movement.  This outlet owned by Aussies, captured the entire conservative base.  It was targeted for doing so.

Then came along President Trump and from day one FOX was a Never-Trumper platform.  Sure, some of its hosts liked President Trump but many didn’t and they showed it daily.

Then came the 2020 Election and after being shamed for voting for President Trump, I never returned to FOX.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the FOX News candidate of choice.  President Trump leads the race by 60% but FOX is going with DeSantis who is 40% behind.

FOX is so invested in DeSantis that they planted a DeSantis connected individual in a “random” panel discussing the 2024 race.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 

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