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Former Wrestlers All Stand Up in Support of Rep Jim Jordan from Ohio Against Another Liberal Lie

Representative Jim Jordan was slandered over the past week for allegedly ignoring a now dead doctor’s advances on his wrestlers when he was an assistant coach over 20 years ago. The story appears to be another hit piece from the slanderous left.

The Hill reported today that 14 former wrestlers have come to Jordan’s defense –

Fourteen former Ohio State University wrestlers have gone on the record to refute claims that Rep. Jim Jordan ignored allegations of sexual abuse while serving as an assistant coach more than two decades ago, according to a group set up to provide a public defense for the Ohio Republican.

The wrestlers are listed in a press release sent out by the group “Stand with Jim Jordan.”

The press release lists statements from 14 members of the team and a 15th person who spoke anonymously.

Some of the statements have been given to the media, and the group aggregates the results, listing their quotations.The names and quotations defending Jordan were compiled by Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, a conservative firm which Jordan has hired to help him weather the crisis.

Defenses from wresters Lenny Schork, Rob Archer, Cullen Waugh, Ferdinand Miller, Jim Picolo, Andy Stickley, Rick Burlenski, Matt Mondalek, Stephen Mendicino, George Pardos, Michael Alf, Dan George, Jude Skove and Andrew Skove are listed.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus unanimously committed their support to their colleague’s side. Jordan is one of the founders of the group of conservative representatives.

As previously reported, the entire story appears to be another left-wing liberal slander job against a prominent and good conservative man. Many others feel the same way –

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino rightly calls it a ‘hit job’ against Jordan –

Unfortunately, current Speaker Ryan is all for interrogating Jordan over the hit piece. This is one of the many reasons the 2-time NCAA wrestling champion Jordan has been identified as a replacement for #NeverTrumper Ryan.

It’s clear that the left wants to damage another great American by slandering them and making up fake news and allegations about them. Americans are now seeing through this. This is why Donald Trump was elected President. Americans are tired of the lying left.

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